Monday, December 28, 2009

Xmas Wrap Up

Christmas this year has been totally hectic, and I'm glad to finally be able to sit back and take a breather.

First up with the Xmas knitting this year, was a package for the Aussie Swappers Xmas Swap on Ravelry. I knitted this Travelling Woman shawlette in Knitabulous Merino Sock yarn in Pumpkin Head.Shown in more close up detail here:
My swappee loved it, which was great, but it was my first time knitting a shawl, and by the end of it, with so many stitches on the needles, each row seemed to take forever!

I then received this package in return, with yummy Malabrigo sock yarn, which I've been wanting to try for ages!

Next up was socks for Mum. As I knit her a pair of socks every year for Xmas, I couldn't break with tradition.

Yarn was Socks that Rock Mediumweight - Spaun of Brawn colourway. I used a basic toe up pattern, with afterthought heels. Went down to the wire on these ones, finishing up at 10 minutes to midnight on Xmas Eve! Sock 2 was done in 2 days, both very very hot, and knitting in 40 degree heat - not fun. Mum did love them though, and that's what counts.

And last up - the two yarn club packages I received in December. First up is the delightful package I received as the first installment of Knitabulous' Indian Summer Club.

The colour of the yarn is gorgeous, and I loved all the extra goodies that were included - DPN's, lip gloss, tea, chocolate - all of my favourite things.

The other package was the first installment of Lush Yarn's Summer Sock club package.

The pattern is gorgeous, and I had to refrain myself from casting it on right away. I loved the extra goodies included in this, especially the 50g ball of cashcotton (can't wait to try it out).

All of this is the reason I am now crawled up in a ball, waiting for the new year! Somebody pass me a cup of tea....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finally, a Finished Object to Show!

I knitted these socks for a special friend's 50th birthday. Unfortunately they weren't finished in time, but as she had a "no presents" policy at the party, I was saved - Whew!

Duration: 11 August 2009 - 4 October 2009

Yarn: Sock yarn used was Moda Vera Socks, and was only $4 a ball! Needless to say, I stocked up on it when I saw it. So not only cheap socks to knit, but stash reduction as well.

Glad to finally have a WIP off the needles, but I can't seem to stop casting on new projects to add to them. Currently on the needles, I have a sock in progress, two pairs of socks suffereing from SSS, another pair of gift socks for another friends birthday, a scarf, and a jumper for my niece!

In addition to this, I still have to cast on a Ravelry Xmas swap project, another pair of gift socks for Xmas, and another dishcloth!

Am feeling a sudden urge to lay down for a while. Hopefully I'll be able to find somewhere where all the WIP's won't be able to find me - their stalking skills are starting to scare me....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Socks that Rock, How do I love thee.....

Ok, so maybe I've gone a little bit overboard on the yarn orders recently, but in my defense, our exchange rate has been good, and Blue Moon Fiber Arts was putting some of their colours on vacation, so I just had to place an order, didn't I? And what's the point of ordering only one or two skeins, when the Socks That Rock is such a smooshy delicious yarn!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Mail Day to Me

I love mail delivery day, especially when it includes pressies for me! I ordered these two pretties seperately, but they both arrived on the same day.

The blue/grey one is gorgeous merino sock from Knitabulous - I love the little button on the tag, and the rose coloured one is a subtle varigated combination of blues, paler and darker pinks and greys from Phat Fiber.

Now, hard decisions - which one do I knit up first?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look at my pretties

I was recently the lucky recipient of a Ewe Beaut Fibre Sampler box - an Aussie take on a popular idea.

I've been madly stalking the Phat Fiber boxes for months but have always missed out, so I was absolutely delighted when someone on Ravelry came up with the idea of doing an Australian version. I can imagine that my bank balance is going to be a lot lighter in future, as there are so many goodies that I now want to get more of!

Anyway, for those of you that want to check it out, here's the link:

I can't wait for the next one!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FO - Basic Dishcloth

I love knitting dishcloths. They're a nice quick knit, always practical, and have so many nice patterns to choose from. Which is probably why it's taken me so long to get around to knitting this essential pattern.

Grandma's Favourite Dishcloth - Which I read about in my first ever purchase of Yarn Magazine (from memory, it was issue 3). Started 5th August, finished 9th August, and the only reason it took me that long is that I might have kind of gotten distracted with other knitting projects, and put it down for a few days. But it's amazing how much knitting you can get done in front of the computer waiting for webpages to load!

Anyway, this was gift knitting, so it's now made it's way off to it's new home. I'm definitely going to be using this pattern again though (just must remember to actually keep one for me!).

Friday, August 7, 2009

On why I'm a Closet Knitter

I never used to be a closet knitter. As a matter of fact, I used to knit in public every chance I got - in front of friends, on the train to work etc. But let's face it, there's only so many Nanna jokes that a person can take, and apparently I look kind of scary when I knit, angrily jabbing sharp pointy needles into the poor harmless little wool (although I find the whole knitting thing quite soothing and calming).

So I've made my decision. I'm going back into the closet as a knitter, with only you in the blogosphere (and maybe a few select others) to know the true extent of my knitting addiction.