Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rare Gems Loot

Recently I was lucky enough to buy some of the Blue Moon Fiber Arts/Socks That Rock Rare Gems.

I've lusted after these for years, but as Tina usually only sells them at the U.S. fibre shows, I figured my chance of ever scoring one of the elusive skeins was nought to zero at best.

So imagine my delight, when Tina announced that to celebrate the Blue Moon at the end of '09, she was going to have a once in a lifetime Blue Moon Rare Gems sale! Lightweight and mediumweight skeins grouped into elements, ie. Earth, Air, Fire & Water. Basically a lucky dip of what you could end up with, except that you could choose which element you wanted (with a limit of how much you could buy to ensure that everyone got a fair go).

I chose one skein each of lightweight and mediumweight in the elements of Air and Water, and overall I'm impressed with what I received.

Of the four skeins that I purchased, there's only one that is not really 'Me', but I'm sure it'll be great to do some gift knitting with.

Overall I'm just thrilled to have scored not one, but four of the Rare Gem skeins. Now I just have to find the perfect projects which are worthy of them....

Saturday, January 9, 2010

First Finished Object of 2010

I've completed my first finished object of the new year, which is actually the first Rockin' Sock Club installment of last year. I absolutely love the pattern and the colour of the yarn, and may use this pattern again.

This is actually the only installment I knitted from last years club as last year was a very gift/swap heavy year for me. I've made it one of my new years resolutions this year to knit more stuff for me!

Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight - My Blue Heaven
Pattern: Queen of Beads - Sivia Harding
Duration: Started 4th October 2009 - Completed 4th January 2009

I'm very happy with these, the only thing I'm disappointed about is the fact that we're in the middle of a heatwave and I'll have to wait until the weather cools down again to wear them!

And just when I was looking for a new project to start, look what appears on my doorstep...

It's the new installment of Knitabulous Indian Summer Club. The yarn is 50/50 silk merino in Bollywood Nights, to be knitted up into the Bollywood capelet. As usual, she has included lots of extra goodies as well (edible treat, pincushion, candle and stitchmarkers). I love using her yarn, and the colours she comes up with are gorgeous as well.

Can't wait to get started on this one. Only one more gift project to get out of the way, and then finally I can knit something for me!