Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Parade of Finished Objects

I have a busy little knitter of late, so I have some nice little finished objects to show you.

Firstly, I present these socks...

Ta da. Finally these socks are done! I promised several years ago, that I would knit a friend of the family a pair of socks. Started early last year, and finished early this year, this is probably the longest time it has ever taken me to knit a pair of socks. Despite the fact that the wool was 8 ply and knitted on 4mm needles, and therefore should have been a quick and easy knit, I couldn't seem to get into the swing of things with these, and kept on getting distracted with other projects.

Yarn: Spotlight Basics Harvest Pure Wool - Grey
Pattern: Socks from Socks and Scarf Pattern - Creative Knitting 2009 Annual Australia
Duration: Started 26th February 2009 - Completed 9th January 2010

And of course, I have yet another dishcloth to show you...

I really enjoyed trying out this particular pattern, and will probably use it again. Considering the wear and tear on dishcloths around here, if it lasts longer than a few months, then the pattern is definitely a keeper!

Yarn: Red Heart Eco Cotton Blend
Pattern: Flying Geese Dishcloth by Vaunda Rae Giberson
Duration: Started 23rd January 2010 - Completed 29th January 2010

In my other spare time, I have been working on stash accumulation - not that I really need more sock yarn of course, but I can't resist all those pretty colours. Also I've discovered that Sanguine Gryphon is a lot easier to stalk than Wollmeise, so I've managed to score quite a bit of yarn in their updates.

I have lots more of this on the way, and can't wait for it to arrive - at this rate I'll be able to build a house out of all the yarn that's being delivered. Oh well, at least it's good for insulation....

Speaking of yarn being delivered, check out my newest sock club packages

Last installment of Knitabulous Indian Summer club - I've already signed up for the Black Japan club that she's got running too

Also the last installment of the Lush Summer Sock Club - check out the pretty blue yarn. I've already signed up for the Autumn installment of this one too, so I can keep on getting my hands on the goodies.

I also received this pretty lace weight....

I've signed up for the Evenstar KAL on Ravelry, and this little pretty is going to be an Evenstar shawl. Quite a challenge considering I've never knit a full size shawl before - I'm jumping in the deep end with this one. Oh well, it'll definitely keep me busy....

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  1. Visiting from your comment on DrK's blog. Working on stash accumulation? That's something which I find easy to do, no hard work there at all. I loved Ailsa's Indian Summer and am looking forward to the next selection from her. Lovely yarn, beautiful colours from her.

    I'm with you about some projects taking longer than they should. Can't fathom why and others fly off the needles, even quite large ones. Those socks look cosy.