Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Pair of Socks to Show

I started this par of socks way back in January, on the same day as the Summer Lovin' socks in fact, but I only finished them recently.

I love knitting the Nutkins pattern, and the wool is so soft and squishy, but I kept on getting distracted with other projects (I know, how unusual for me *eye roll*).

Yarn: Jolly Jumbuck Hercules - Wild Orchid (purchased Melbourne Stitches & Craft Show 2008)
Pattern: Nutkin by Beth LaPensee
Duration: Started 10th January 2010 - Completed 18th April 2010

Anyway, they're done now, which leaves me more time to focus on other projects like this:

And this

On a sadder note, my favourite podcast Lime 'n Violet has just finished after 105 episodes. Unfortunately I never got to download them all before they were removed from iTunes, and now I don't know what I'll listen to while I knit. Any suggestions?

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