Friday, October 15, 2010

Father's Day Socks

Recently, my father who has always picked on me for knitting, decided that he wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding hand knit socks.

When presented with such a perfect opportunity to convert him to the dark side (so to speak), how could I resist?

So I decided to knit him a pair of socks for Father's Day. Given that my father has huge, giant sized feet, I decided to use the Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey socks pattern, hoping and praying throughout the whole time I was knitting them, that they would fit.

Yarn: Patonyle - Grey
Pattern: Earl Grey by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Duration: Started 14th June 2010 - Completed 5th September 2010

I did my usual last minute rush on these, actually finishing them half an hour before my dad woke up on Father's Day. Talk about cutting it fine!

When I gifted these to my dad he was very happy to finally have his very own pair of hand knitted socks, and has already placed a request for another pair! The socks were pronounced as being "comfy", which coming from my dad is high praise. Having socks custom made for him means that he gets a perfect fit around the heel, which is something he doesn't get with store bought socks.

So now that these are over and done with, it's time to start knitting another pair for him for Christmas. Time to get started on all of the other Christmas knitting as well!

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