Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oops I Did It Again

I blame it all on Tina. I had just put away my latest batch of yarn purchases, and was thinking virtuous thoughts about not buying any sock yarn for a while, and Tina from Blue Moon Fiber Arts put up a blog post about some of the STR colourways going on vacation. There were a few that I thought would be nice for gift socks and socks for me, so I put in an order for a few (seven!) skeins, thinking I'd be good for sock yarn and wouldn't need to place another STR order until late in the year. Big mistake.

Just a couple of days after I placed my order, Tina put up another blog post about STR Rare Gems coming up for sale. Rare Gems are the creme de la creme of sock yarn. They are one of a kind colourways, that are almost impossible to get unless you happen to live in the U.S., and can get your fix in person. They have only come up for sale on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website once before, and I managed to pick up some skeins then (see here), and I'd been hanging out to get more since Tina started hinting about it late last year. Hence my other order of another eight skeins of STR, and all those virtuous thoughts of cutting down on my yarn buying habit went flying out the window.

This is what arrived this week.

First we have my initial order of seven skeins, in colourways L-R: Mmm, Mmm, Good; L.L. Cool Sock; STORM large; Femmebot; Jubilation (x2); Deep Unrelenting Grey

Then we have my other order of eight skeins, L-R: Earth (1 x mediumweight), Fire (2 x mediumweight, 1x lightweight), Water (2 x mediumweight, 2 x lightweight).

That's fifteen skeins of sock yarn that arrived in one week. A years worth of yarn arrived in one day! I have no idea when I'll end up knitting it (some of it's earmarked for gifts, so at least some of it will be knit up this year), but on top of the usual sock club shipments (Cookie A & Vesper), that is a phenomenal amount of yarn that has come in the mail this week, and I have no idea where on earth I'm going to store it. I'm almost to the stage of putting it in the roof as insulation, except then I wouldn't be able to admire it's squishy yumminess. Somebody save me from myself and my yarn buying addiction quick, because unless my sock yarn starts to knit itself, I'm in serious trouble!

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